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RAM Recovery.
My RAM story continues. Cobra5832, a.k.a Brad Friedl, was gracious enough to see that he erred in the description line of his advertisement, stating that the RDRAM was a PC 800-40ns, when in fact it was a PC 800-45 and was not compatible with my system, refunded all my money right the next day. So I 'am not stuck with unusable RAM, I just need to mail it back to him. He also was very generous, in that, he is going to send me 2 sticks of 256MB RDRAM PC 800-40 that he thinks might work, free of charge, just for my trouble. He apologized twice now and is a very nice seller to do all this for me. I'm thankful for his kindness, but you know, he could have been a guy that said, oh well you take your chances on eBay. But the guy is running this as if it were a business, which I'm sure he has made it into, and is complete with super customer service. I'm sure a lot of sellers don't want bad press on their reviews. No wonder this guy has an almost 100% approval rating. So, as it stands right now, I will mail the unusable RAM back to him tomorrow, and see if the free RAM he is giving me will work. If it does, great. If not, I will send that back to him as well with a Thank You Anyway note. There are two factors with this RAM. One, is that it may not work at all. Secondly, if it does work there is a chance that it may not work with the RAM I already have in there, which means that I'd have to take the old RAM out and just use that RAM I got from Brad, which means, I'll still be at 512MB of RAM which is what I have now. I'd be no further ahead. In either case I will still buy the 1GB flash memory drive and whenever I get Vista, use it's built-in program to use the flash drive as part of my RAM, thus freeing up my internal RAM for games and other processes. After this, I hope I never see RDRAM again!