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Home Office Restructure.
In preparation for Vista, I have been planning a home office restructure. I call it a restructure because I'm not really remodeling anything, I'm just using the things I already have and configuring them in a better and more organized fashion. For example, I see three different sections to my desk. Section 1 is the 'main action area', and it consists of three tiers via the shelving above it. I considered the type of actions I do in this area and find that they are: writing, gaming, printing, surfing the web, manage and organize my music and pictures, etc. I concluded that I should put all related items on the shelving above this area. As it stands, I have things in a haphazard array of disarray. The three tiers are:
Tier 1 is where my new 22" wide-screen flat panel LCD monitor is and wireless keyboard/laser mouse, and left and right surround sound speakers sit. Tier 2 is the shelf directly above the monitor and it will house my games, DVD's, DVD player, game manuals, and the printer.
Tier 3 is the next shelf up and it will display some decorations and knickknacks as well as some books and reference books.
The second section is the 'secondary action area'. This area consists of actions such as, drawing/drafting, laptop processes, and hobbies. And it too has three tiers which will house all related items to those actions.
The third section is the 'auxiliary area'. I say auxiliary because no action is taken there. It is simply a storage area. It's three tiers will house things as, office supplies, iPod and iPod accessories, cell phone accessories, and my digital camera with all of it's accessories.
I feel this will better organize and make my home office more functional and easier to use.
Of course, this comes during the time I 'am thinking of Vista, and actually that is where this idea sprang from. Windows Vista, or as the Norwegians say, Vindows Wista, is a whole new operating system with a new look and feel, and I guess I thought it would be cool to have my office have a new look and feel to go along with it. Nerdy? I don't know. Maybe I should take a poll.
Mary has given me the green light to do this project. That's good because I already asked Pat if he would work for me on Monday of next week, which he will. This gives me three days to get-r-done! I also asked if it would be possible if I could buy some paint and that was green lit too. So, this weekend will be very busy. Mary works all day on Sunday, so I can make a bunch of noise without disturbing anyone.

My scheduled time line.

Saturday. February 10th, AM.
Remove all equipment and decor.
Dismantle all shelving and desk units.
Remove wall border.
Paint trim and walls.

Sunday. February 11th. AM.
Finish any painting, if any.
Reinstall all desk units and shelving in their new configuration.
Restore decor and equipment.

Monday. February 12th. AM.
Finishing touches.
Enjoy the new ambiance.

If I don't post for awhile, this is why.