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Office Restruture Complete.
After three full days I've come to the end of my office restructure. It was grueling to say the least. My back and legs were very sore Saturday and Sunday night. But after quite a bit of elbow grease, as they say, it really looks nice and even more 'cozy' then before. I went with a warm brown color for the walls. I chose brown because everything that I've built for my office is stain and varnished wood, and the brown color goes very well with all of that.
Plus, having returned my office to it's original configuration, it has opened it up giving me more room; not so cluttered. I will post pictures soon.
Other than my office, not much going on. I went to work today because they had a going away party for me and Tanya. She graduated and is now an x-ray tech. They had so much food, it was amazing how many people brought stuff to eat. And the dessert table was phenomenal.
I hope everyone had a good weekend.
I'll post some pictures soon, like I said.
This jedi is very tired.