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Okay, I've been busy lately and have not been able to write an entry, I will remedy that now. After my office 'restructure', pictures still to come, Mary and I purchased Windows Vista Home Premium Edition last Saturday afternoon. Mary watched Joshua and started to install Vista on her laptop first, since it was configured to run it. I then thought, if it would work on my laptop and installed there as well. Of course my little ol' laptop could not handle it very well at all. It was using quite a bit of resources. But, and here is where the rest of the weekend went down hill. I activated Windows Vista from my laptop, so when I went to install it on my desktop, the very computer that can handle all of it's functions, I was not able to activate Vista because the product key was already in use. That's what I inadvertently did when installing it on my laptop. So, what to do? I called Microsoft's tech support and was on the phone for almost an hour and a half, and still did not have it resolved. You can only install an operating system on one computer at a time and I just activated it on my laptop, thus using the only product key I had.
So, now I had to call other people, who in turn, put me in touch with other people, who in turn put me in touch with other people, etc, etc, etc. I won't bore you with all the details but finally getting Windows Vista installed, activated, and configured was no easy task!
There are still some things that irk me about Vista, for instance, it will not recognize my Quake 4 game, so I can't play that one anymore. It doesn't recognize my sound card or it's drivers, so I installed the driver anyway and at least I have; bass, and stereo sound but no surround sound anymore. It won't recognize my DVD drive, therefore anything I have on DVD I cannot use, so I bought a new one which works great, but Vista will not let me install the software that came with said DVD drive! So I can't use it's burning program or it's lightscribe which is really neat, because you can burn a picture or label right on top of the CD.
But the up side is that it runs fantastic, looks even better, and I did get some of my games loaded today so at least I have something to play once in awhile. ATI Technologies did have a new Windows Vista display driver for my Radeon 9800 video card so that at least was a nice surprise, and it is working well. All in all I really like Vista, the only criticism I have is that it is not very compatible like windows XP is. I'm starting to understand more of the Mac commercials between the two characters representing a Mac and a PC.
However, Windows is still my OS of choice. Plus, I did buy it right after it was released. I think over time, had I bought it later, all the issues, and bugs would have been worked out.
People complained about XP when that was first released, so I think this is no different. Through a listing I'll try to put down what it took for me to get to where I 'am now.
Okay, I tried but it is too extensive right now, I'll type it out later for everyone to laugh at. I just have to get the chronology straight in my head.
Love you all.
I'm going to play around with Vista awhile.