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(no subject)
Hello. Yes I'm still here. I've been configuring Windows Vista to suit my style and 'am still enjoying the new look and feel of it. I won't make that list of what I went through because that was two weeks ago now and I don't think that I want to relive it anyway.
Still enjoying my courier position.
Oh yeah, I'll add something to my Vista saga. After all of the pain to get everything ready and running for Vista, my bad luck continued. I heard a 'ticking' sound in our bedroom on that following Tuesday, and saw a huge wet spot on our bed, don't insert joke here, and found that our roof was leaking again, this time the water was coming right through our light fixture! I ran and got a bucket and collected the water out of the fixture, then disconnected the fixture completely where it is still hanging by the ground wire. Next I went up on the roof and shoveled off all of the snow and swept the water that was pooling off the side. No more water has come through now. After all of our snow we are supposed to get in the next three days, I'll have to go up there again and shovel it all off, so as it melts it doesn't come back in our bedroom. Then on Wednesday the twenty-first, Mary calls me from work and said that her car wouldn't start. Thanks to Ryan, who diagnosed the problem and called around town for us to see how much it would cost, it needed a new fuel pump, and now the car runs great. Thursday morning one of the dogs puked on the living room carpet and when I went to go to work, I subsequently locked myself out of the house. And, again, thanks to Ryan for coming over and letting me back in! But, thankfully, nothing more has happened since.
Trials and Tribulations you know.
Well, my shows are on. Talk later.
Love you.