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More Saber Babble. Imagine That.
I have run into a snafu. The shroud, or 'emitter' end of my flashgun, is the wrong configuration. Mine has an extra 'ridge' around the middle. The one in the movie does not. Parks Sabers carries the exact item I need, but that's more money and a longer wait. I thought of spray painting mine in chrome paint, that would be fine, however it will not fit with the flash button/bulb release assembly I'm going to order. I would have to grind out the 'area-in-question' with my Dremel, that's okay too, though I feel all this altering will make it start to look like a fake, even though it is from a real flashgun. I don't know what to do. I think that if I want to keep it authentic, which is the whole point to this hobby, I may have to buy the one at Parks. I at least should give the altering of the old one a try though, you never know it might turn out perfectly.
Here's my parts list:
1 Heiland flashgun handle.
1 Black 'Graflex style' clamp assembly with silver side bars.
1 Set of calculator bubbles or the thirteen pin circuit board.
1 Chrome plated flash base or 'shroud' with brass thumb screw.
6 3.6" Rounded end rubber grip with adhesive.
1 Covertec cell phone holder. (that's the brand used in the movie)(also I recently found out they don't make them anymore)(have to look for a replacement)(Romans Empire is out of stock on this and the price is currently ten dollars, but it will drastically go up in price due to it's new found rarity and the demand)
1 Red LED.
1 Green LED.
That about does it. Slap all that together and bingo, Anakin's lightsaber.
I'm having trouble finding out if there still is a D-ring assembly by the brass thumb screw even though they used cell phone holders in the movie. The movie doesn't have a clear enough shot, but most of the replicas out there have one. If that's the only detail I can't replicate, then I'm not too worried about it.
The one at Parks doesn't have one, thought it is exact to the original. I think I'll go without. There, mind made up!
Mary if you read this next part this is over a span of many years so don't think I'm going to spend every last penny on this stuff.
My initial start was to just have one lightsaber to display in my office, and now it's exploded into an entire hobby and collection extravaganza. My plans for the collection will encompass the following lightsabers for display:
Anakin Skywalker, Episode 2 AOTC.
Anakin Skywalker, Episode 3 ROTS.(slight variation of Luke's Episode 4)
Darth Vader, Episode 5 ESB.
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode 3&4 (episode 4 is exactly the same as in episode 3 except 'weathered')(I won't need two of these for each episode since they are technically the same)
Luke Skywalker, Episode 4&5 (slight variations between these two, but definitely worth having both)
That's all the authentic replicas you can get. Lucasfilm has not licensed out the other models such as:
Qui-Gon Jinn, or Obi-Wan's for Episode 1&2.
People have them. But I just can't find out from whom.
If you want to see someone who has a million dollar collection of lightsabers as well as a bunch of other authentic replica Star Wars stuff, visit www.oohyeahzone.com/collection/index.html
That person must have money to burn!
Well, I think I've babbled enough on this subject. I'll post something different next time.
It's just that nothing really happens in my 'real' life, rather boring. Except when Mary's around that is and present company.
Love, Jedi_John.