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(no subject)
Well, I've been very busy lately trying, and failing miserably, to get Vista to work so that I could do all the things I did on XP. It finally hit me that Vista was not very friendly to a lot of the hardware and software that I currently have. Even the Vista advisor program didn't even seem to indicate this when I ran it weeks back. I thought that I was safe in getting Vista and, at least for now, is something that I will retire to the shelving. I don't really consider it a waste of money, because we will always have it. And whenever the time comes to reinstall it, it will be just a matter of pulling it off my shelf.
The really irritating part was that Vista did not recognize any programs and/or games that I wanted to install. I have recently put XP back on my desktop and everything runs fantastic.
I 'am able to use my lightscribe and all programs that came with my new DVD drive. I 'am able to use all the programs that came with the new sound card, whereas, Vista did not allow me to use any of those at all, even running the software in compatibility mode, Vista would not budge. My games, such as Quake 4 didn't even install because Vista stopped it from installing stating that installation was denied. Other programs would install but if you clicked on them to use the devices, Vista would shut the program down saying a key entry was not found.
It seems to me that Microsoft is becoming a 'members only club' where third party programs no longer run on their new OS. You'd think that they could have taken a que from Sony on their Playstations. They should have made it backwards compatible, meaning that all the things that ran on XP would run the same on Vista and also any of the newer stuff that hasn't even come out yet. Me, being a novice user, did everything I could to make it work, but Vista was not letting me do anything. Matter of fact, I have 768MB of RAM and Vista, just sitting there on my screen, (that's me not doing anything), used 64% of my RAM. Furthermore, the new Vista drivers for my Radeon 9800 pro video card, didn't work whatsoever either. Of course it was just a beta. It might take awhile before truly workable drivers are developed.
So, roughly to whittle it down, I should have waited!
I do have some sad news though. As I was reinstalling XP it somehow switched the labels of my hard drives during installation. So, the one I was using for storage and keeping things I wanted to save was now labeled C:, not D: So as I installed XP I saw the drive as C: and put it on there. I wanted to do a fresh install and start over with a fresh copy of XP and everything else cleared out, so I formatted the disc first.
Now that is when I realized that the drive now labeled C: was my storage drive and not the drive I have always had as my bootable drive.
So, the bad news is: I completely lost, quite literally years, of pictures from my digital camera!!! I also lost all of the music that I have downloaded over time. I also lost many computer wallpapers, and various articles I've written to myself on various subjects.
Quite plainly, and painfully, I lost a lot.
It was a very hard lesson, indeed, to learn that I should not have pushed to get Vista as soon as possible. I should have waited.
My coworker Mike, said that he heard on our local radio talk show that people who are used to XP hate Vista, I'm among them. And that people who are buying their first computer with Vista preinstalled love it, because they have nothing to compare it to.
I say: they may love it now, but wait until they buy a new sound card or DVD drive. They won't love it so much then I dare say.
Well, I'm off to play with my new and improved XP machine. I'm so much happier now that everything is working the way it should have in the first place.
Good night.