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(no subject)
Happy Spring everyone. I've just been in the 'old rut' again. Work, home, find something to eat, clean up, watch TV, then go to bed. There really hasn't been much to report on my end lately. The computer thing is all back to normal and everything is running great, as before my Vista fiasco. I'm still down about losing all my digital pictures, though. I try not to think about it. I still have about three hundred pics on my camera, and I know I burned a disc awhile back in the beginning when I first got my camera, but alas, I cannot find that disc anywhere. So, it looks like I'll have to start over with my picture album.
The only thing I can think of, as far as what happened, is that I used my recovery disc that came with my computer. Awhile ago I had added a newer and bigger hard drive and made it my boot drive, and took the original hard drive and made it a secondary drive for storage. So, the new drive was C: and the old original drive was D:. Dell partitions a small part on their hard drives for things I'm not sure of. I think that when I used the recovery disc it noticed the partition with Dells stuff on it and thought, "oh, that's the drive we need to install the OS on". So it switched the drives on me so that the old original drive was C: again and the newer was D:. So, of course, as I reinstalled XP I saw drive C: listed there on the screen and formatted and installed it on there. Thus, of course, wiping out everything I was trying to save.
I think that I will purchase some DVD-RW's and periodically burn my pics on to them, just to be on the safe side. So, enough with that.
Spring in heavily in the air and I'm so ready for summer. Have been for awhile now.
Mary and I need to go through the house and purge everything we don't need and get it out by the garbage for the free spring clean up week in May.
We are trying to eat healthier now, so I've taken up Asian cooking since it is packed full of vegetables. The little oil used and high heat takes very little time to make a dish. I have an Asian cookbook that I 'am using. We bought some nice professional grade plastic containers, like the ones restaurants use, to put all our cut up veggies in, so I don't need to cut them up every time. I have had a couple Wok's anyway and a Chinese dish set with chopsticks, so I've been keeping it fairly traditional.
I finally got the second season of Stargate Atlantis on DVD! I've been waiting for that for some time. It was supposed to come out around November but there were delays and it didn't arrive until March 9th! "Dial the gate!" "Jumper One to Jumper Two!" It's a fun show.
Something along the lines of that last paragraph. I'm thankful to have the interests that I have. I love my SciFi shows and my video games. The lightsaber projects I did. The fun and exciting movies that I like. My computers are fun, too, of course.
Just a myriad of things like that.
Some may think it childish, however, to each their own and I can't really help what I like and have interests in. I don't know, I like what I like, to put it simply. I like fun and lighthearted things. They make me feel good. For instance, Star Wars is like that for me, fun and lighthearted. SG Atlantis is the same way. I view my video games as not only fun and exciting but as truly great works of art. It takes many people many years to complete a game.
I always 'am surprised to find what people come up with to put in a game. Some are really funny. Of course, things that the programmers didn't put in, like glitches, are quite hilarious too.
Well, I'm rambling. Happy Spring.
It is a time where everything begins anew, so I pray this for you.