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(no subject)
I thought of an update to my latest post. I don't think that DVD-RW's are the way to go. Mary and I bought a couple of flash drives for Vista. It was supposed to be used to free up your internal RAM, but I didn't notice a difference at all, Vista still used 64% of my RAM.
I think that I will start storing my pictures on that removable flash drive unit. We bought the ones from Geek Squad, and it came with some software already on it, and a site link to go down load more free software. It was pretty cool. I have a 1GB flash drive which should hold quite a bit of pictures.
Work went well. I saw an accident on Columbia Road today. I was driving back from East Grand Forks, and saw this Chevy Trail Blazer wrapped around a tree. Fire trucks and police surrounded the area. By the looks of the Blazer that driver had to of had one mean headache.
Mary stated a week ago, or so, that we need to start planning our weekends, with things that we need to do around the house. We can't spend too much this year on home improvements, not after our poor financial stewardship. But, I know that we can come up with unique and innovative ways to accomplish things. We're good at that. I look forward to doing things together on our house. And, as always, I'm so very thankful for the house and all the extra things that we have. I never forget that.
I was hearing on the radio today, that if you are a person who has food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of the worlds population. Wow. That was actually wow, not World of Warcraft.
Then he went on to say that if you can go to church, without persecution, you are more fortunate then 3 Billion, yes Billion, people in the world today.
We should all be thankful that we live in the United States of America!
Well, post later. Love you.