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(no subject)
Wow! My last post was about 15 weeks ago! Ooops. I usually go in spurts like that, where I'll post almost everyday and then there's this huge lapse.
I began a bodybuilding routine on May 4th and for the first seven weeks I never missed a day. I workout three days a week, M,W,F. I took the last two weeks off and tomorrow I start back; hitting the weights hard. I don't think that I will take anymore time off again, because it is too hard to start back at it. It's best if I just keep going. I have noticed some gains in my triceps, lats, calves. However my chest is slower to grow. I drink a whey protein drink that also has creatine, arganine, glutamine, etc, and a bunch of other 'muscle building' 'ines. My goals are to be almost twice my size by next year at this time. So the dream is, by May or June of next year, I will be able to wear shorts without felling self conscious and the like. I actually like to workout so that is a plus to keep up with my goals. Mary has a routine that she does, and we put together a little home gym in our basement and it really works well.
Work is good and I still enjoy it. The summer is in full swing, so that is always a plus. It was very hot here yesterday. If you went outside it was actually hard to breath. The humidity was up as well, so needless to say we stayed inside all day. The temp was around 96 with a heat index of over a 100 degrees.
I post again soon.