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Hockey Mask Summer Camp, Now Open!
Happy Friday the thirteenth! I'm sitting here after a workout drinking my protein shake that I mixed a half banana and some frozen strawberries along with some 1% milk. Yum. No, really.
I had a new protein shake drink this morning for breakfast. It consisted of; a half cup uncooked oats, two scoops whey protein powder, and two mugs of coffee, blended together.
It was really good. It was such a nice encouragement to me when Mary noticed my calves and said that my legs are getting more shape to them. I guess it is working. I hope so, my goals are coming due in about ten months. It will be interesting to see how far along I'll be after ten months. I hope much bigger than I 'am now.
Mary has yet another weekend off so that will be nice. I hope Janine makes her flights to Iceland and arrives safely. And too all, a good weekend.
It's shower time, followed by crossword puzzles.
Love you, John.