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(no subject)
I did 200 standing calf raises last night and now my calves are so sore it's hard to go down the stairs. I finally did some sit ups too. That is one area that I need to work on. I have not lost any fat around my midsection...yet. I have some good routines lined up from my Muscle and Fitness Mag. but I first want to work on the areas of my body that are lacking; as in body symmetry. For example, I lifted some weights way back when I was a teenager. I still remember the old sand filled plastic weights and a homemade weight bench that my dad and I bought and reupholstered. I didn't know exactly how to do it back then, however my biceps and shoulders that grew out of that experience never went away. Today, my biceps are way bigger than my triceps. The triceps makes up 3\4 of the size of your arm, so no wonder my arms never did look big, even though I had well developed biceps. So my initial plan is to "beef up" the areas in which I 'am lacking in relation to the rest of me. The targeted muscle groups are: Triceps, Lats, Chest, and Calves. Once I feel that those areas look more in proportion to the rest of me, I will begin a comprehensive routine that encompasses all the muscle groups. This way all the muscles will keep growing in proportion to one another and equals good symmetry. This is my own plan. I did not read this on the net or in the magazines. I felt that this would be a better approach for my body type. Mary told me again today that my calves are getting bigger. Another motivational compliment from my lovely wife.
I really liked the section in LJ where people sent in pictures of their desks and where they do their livejournal entries. I may have to submit mine. Out of all the pics I've seen, I must boast, my home office is much nicer. Of course that is because I built it. Ryan has given me several compliments on how nice my home office is. (I know, I shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition.) Take two. Ryan has complimented me several times on how much he likes my home office.
P.S. this post is late because I lost contact with LJ right when I clicked to post it. And I could not get back on for awhile.