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It's the Labor Day weekend! What are we doing? Not much. Mary had an interview yesterday at 1:30 pm with Meritcare in East Grand Forks. She interviewed for a float nurse. We talked about her career and figured that she would always be drawn to nursing and that that is where her true desire lies. I support her in whatever job she does. I don't really put an emphasis on if a job gives you status or not. I just what her to be happy in what she is doing. She knows that the stress level will go up, as compared to what she is doing now, but being an assistant manager at the local Dollar Tree store is not very challenging enough for her.
I can see how she feels when I place myself in her shoes and imagine myself leaving Altru and working back at Target for about four dollars less an hour. I would truly feel that I was moving backwards and not progressing. We are feeling the financial pinch now, and things are tight. But, we have faith that things will be turning around by early next year. Here's why.
First, and I have no doubt that she will be offered the job at Meritcare, we will get Mary back into what she was schooled to do, thus boosting her income four dollars more an hour to where she was before. Secondly, Mary's mom, Geri, or rather mama Whitney, sold her mother's house and felt God telling her to give some of that money to her children. So, when she comes to visit this November, she will bring us 5K dollars. This will help Mary and I tremendously. Our plan is to pay off my truck, which has about 2K left owing. Pay off our Best Buy credit card which will still leave about 2K for another credit card. Thirdly, approximately around the same month, we plan to visit the bank where our home loan is, and since we have some nice equity built up we are hoping that we can refinance the house and get enough to pay off the remainder of what we owe. So the only thing that we will have owing is, of course, the house payment, which will only go up about 150 dollars, but compare that to the credit card interest rates and we will be saving quite a bit of money in the long run. And the other is Mary's student loan.
Combining all of those savings, we figured that we will put roughly 1000 dollars back in our pockets each month! One credit card will be kept for emergencies, but the other two will be closed for good. We plan on purchasing things such as house items and building material etc. out of pocket. And if there is anything that may cost a bit more, we will just wait and save the money to buy that item.
Mary and I both are too familiar with getting into trouble with the credit card thing. Years back we had to file bankruptcy, however that was mostly due to my outrageous medical bills.
Nevertheless, we had creditors calling and demanding their money, rightfully so I guess. And that was not a very fun time for us. So, we are making plans now before anything happens like that again.
We truly do want for nothing. We have more things than we deserve. We need to become better stewards of our money instead of going out and spending it all wildly on ourselves.