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(no subject)
Well, life goes on here in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The Autumn Equinox is this Sunday, first day off fall, already. Where did the summer go? Mary and I seem to be in a "holding pattern". That is to say, since money is a little tight, we did zero projects this summer. But, we are now making plans for next summer after are finances are leveled off. Mary didn't get the job at Merit-care, but we are still in good spirits. Like Mary said, God is not saying NO, He is just saying not right now. She may get to be the manager of the Dollar Tree store right here in Grand Forks! Her boss may take a district manager job for Dollar Tree, so that leaves Mary poised to succeed him. Maybe that is why she is not at Merit-care now, because the store manager position may come open soon. I think she said sometime in October, so really soon! It would be a lot of work, but she would be making the same wage as a nurse, but without all the bovine scatology of the medical field.
My weight training is still being fought out in my mind. I've been having a tendency to defeat myself mentally before or even, at times, during my workouts to where I don't do the workout or I skip it completely. I need to find a way to 'psych' myself up to do the work.
Every Repetition of the weights will bring me closer to my goals. That is one motivation I try and use.
Until next time, love you guys.