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Good Morning. This is the last day of my four day weekend :( Saturday Mary and I just spent time together and tooled around town window shopping, since that was the most affordable.
Sunday we had a bit of a scare. Joshua fell and hit his head, he is starting to pull himself up on things now, but the scare came when he was sleepy and vomiting a lot after he hit his head. So, I took Nicole and Joshua to the ER that morning to make sure that everything was okay, which thankfully it was. Mary had to work Sunday, that means she opens the store and closes it, makes for a long day. I spent the rest of the day finishing our bathroom. I painted most of the trim with a fresh coat of paint. Painted the door, put new hinges on, caulked around the tub/floor area as well as caulked around the trim above the wanes coating.
I fixed the trim where the mirror behind the door fell off and broke the trim. Thankfully Menard's still sold the molding that I used. I took the excess molding and put some trim work around the back splash behind the sink and caulked it as well.
The threshold on our front door needed to be lower somewhat on one end. I think that there is a lot of movement, via expansion and contraction, in that area of the house. I had to remove the threshold and shave some wood off the bottom on the side that needed to be lowered and reinstalled it. That lasted one day. The door sweep is still being pulled out of it's groove on the very bottom of the door, then catches of the carpet and is pulled out completely. I don't want to readjust the door since it is perfectly fitted into the frame. If I shimmed out the bottom to raise the door up, then it will starting hitting the frame. I'd rather mess with the threshold until it fits.
Monday was a less productive day, however, I did mow the lawn.
Today, I was up early, six-thirty am. Mary is off to work and I started laundry. I'll just bum around the house today and get the menial things done like, laundry, making the bed, cleaning up, vacuuming, etc.

Tuesdays is our night for television. We watch; NCIS, The Unit, House, and Eureka on Sci-fi.
Our other favorites are, but not limited to; Smallville, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Ghost Whisperer, and the new Bionic Woman which had a great pilot.
Other new shows I've caught were; Chuck (a dramedy), Journeyman, (a Quantum Leap type show, where he travels back in time to particular people so he can help them).
Oh yeah, and Moonlight, about a private investigator who is a vampire. They really changed the vampire lore a bit, but it is unique and to Mary and I seems promising, if they do it right. It's obvious that we like fantasy and science fiction. But that is our kind of entertainment. To me real life shows aren't as entertaining. Plus when laws of biology and physics are thrown out the window, the possibilities are limitless and is fun to see.

Well, I've got clothes to fold.
Love, john.