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Weekend is here!
Jumpin Jedi
Ahhh. Friday. The best day of the week. It must be special, because have you ever noticed it's spelled differently then the others? Weird, huh. Okay maybe I'm weird. I made a correction to my saber parts list, I meant to say LED's not diodes. Found them at Radio Shack, a whole package for a couple bucks. I could only use two of them so I have a bunch that are different sizes I may never use. I took pictures of my process so far and may post them this weekend. I had to take my Dremel and grind down the little lip that went around the base of the LED, and of course snip off the wires. Then I had to jam them into the two little plug-in holes on the flashgun handle and tap them the rest of the way with the butt of a screwdriver. I took pictures as I went, to record the steps taken. I bought a little table top camera stand that I used for this documentation and it worked really great. I'm glad that I'm the kinda guy that can have fun with all sorts of things. Even the little things in life can make me happy, and I'm thankful that I was made that way. It's so much easier going through this life enjoying everything you can and not taking everything so seriously all the time. I'd rather be the way I 'am now then any other.
That may have sounded lame. I don't know.
Well, I said that I would write around something different next time other than saber babble. I should coin that phrase. Saberbabble. My dad and mom will be bringing my niece back from Hector Airport to Grand Forks on Sunday. It will be nice to see them again. I hope Amy had a great Christmas. I'm also glad that they are picking her up, because we've already been there three times in two weeks. It is also Sci-Fi Friday today. SG-1, Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica start up again so I'll be firmly planted on the sofa, or I mean couch, or the davenport.
This weekend officially marks the end of the Holidays. Christmas is passed and a new year is already a week old. Our Christmas decorations are coming down. I think it's time because some of them have started to come down on their own. Well, I'll have to post more later, Ghost Whisperer is on now.
Post Ya later.