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(no subject)
Today is day one of my nine day vacation. I have to use X amount of hours per year or I will lose them. I will still have to take an additional three days after this week.
The only project that I have in the pipe line is to go through our basement and chuck all the junk that has accumulated, then reorganize the mess left over. I did my workout today, back and calves. My back is growing somewhat and everything else is slow and steady. At least I'm still at it and that is what matters. I enjoy it but the most trouble I have is with abs and cardio. Nutrition is not a problem, I think I figured that out now. My most prevailing effort on that front is protein. When to take it and how much. Bodybuilding.com is very helpful in their video section on training and technique. I bought a 'chinning bar'. It's a V shaped handle so your elbows stay closer together and your hands are where your palms are close and facing one another. Overall my shape is changing, however in small increments, but slow and steady wins the race, right?

Love you guys.