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Christmas Time Fun.
To all who attended our little Christmas in Grand Forks, thank you for being with us to celebrate the birthday of our saviour. It was a wonderful time to have been all together during this seasons holiday. We got a beautiful surprise Friday before Christmas Eve, when our grandson came to visit us and we were able to share some time and presents with our little 'speed racer'. He is talking much more than he did just one month ago.
Mark and Janine flew in on Monday December 19th and are spending ten days with us. It is really great to see them again. Janine gave us some good advice of helping with our dogs allergies and over all health. Mark gave us this cool Livejournal account for keeping in touch with friends and family. Please visit our growing scapebook for pictures of our Christmas and anything else that is going on in our lives. Hopefully if I did this right my mom and dad can come and visit this site anytime they want for updates and new photos. I think they'll love that. So if your reading this dad or mom, Hello and we love you!
I'm not to sure on how often I'll write an entry but the pictures to me will be the main focus of this account. Plus I don't have a thousand words for each picture anyway.
Well Ryan left for Devils Lake, where he lives and works. He is currently employed with Pepsi working in the warehouse some days and driving delivery trucks and even the big Semi Trucks, now that he has his CDL. Ryan has always loved vehicles and driving and has said that he plans on doing over the road soon. We, as always, wish him the best in all his endeavors. Thanks again Ryan for the gift of our grandson on Christmas, it was great fun seeing and playing with him.
More to come later.
This is kinda fun.
Our love to all our kids and grandson and family.
God bless.
Love John and Mary.

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Welcome to LiveJournal! :)

It has been very nice to be here. I have enjoyed my stay. Thanks to you both for being so hospitable and making Janine and me feel welcome, as always!

Thank you for having us! It's been fun seeing you guys. :)

It was a whole lot of fun!!. It just made my new year a great start haveing all of us together for christmas. It was fantastic. And as always thank you for the leftovers mom. They were great! LOL.

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