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Yesterday I spent the whole day cleaning out our small storeroom. The shop is full of garbage to be put out next spring when the city offers the free spring cleaning pick up. It's a good time to get rid of a lot of accumulated junk at no charge. Otherwise I'd pay ten dollars for every 800 pounds and have to load and drive it out to the dump and unload it myself. I'm not too sure if they will offer it when the land fill moves way out of town. I'm sure as with everything else our sanitation cost will go up since they will have to haul it out further, coupled with the ever steady expense of gas.
It doesn't make sense to me that the cost of living goes up, roughly, 5 to 10 percent each year, but I only get a 2 percent wage increase annually. For example, my health insurance is going up 19%! Once in a great while, Altru will adjust our pay scale to match cost of living or to match competitors wages, but not often. I think I've had a pay adjustment only twice in my eleven years of service.
Mary is looking at going back into nursing, which is great, but Altru just sent out a memorandum stating that if a spouse is employed by a medical facility that is in competition with them or that does business with them, which basically means everyone, they will consider that a conflict of interest. If Mary's new employer is considered one of those, Altru will have to release me. I have to disclose the company Mary will work for, then Altru will review it to see if they think it is a conflict of interest. So, here's hoping they will be nice.
Tonight we are going with Ryan and Nicole to the mall for trick or treat. I'll no doubt take many pictures of Ryan Jr. and Joshua in their costumes.
Have a safe halloween.