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End of the Day
Just got settled down for the second half of the evening. Mary and I went out and returned some items we bought. I didn't receive my CD of the musical score from the movie 'The Island' today as I was expecting. I bet Monday for sure. I spent extra for a two day delivery and I got an e-mail from Amazon that it shipped out on Thursday, so I should have gotten it today.
We ate at Magic Chopsticks again. Man, is that stuff good.
After our errands we went and saw 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. We enjoyed it very much and what made it special to me was; I was able to recognize the representations that came straight out of the Bible.
For instance; Aslan is a depiction of Jesus. "He was away but now is back", meaning God was in heaven getting ready for the last battle. The Bible says that there were four hundred years of silence before the birth of Christ. No divine interventions, no miracles, nothing.
When the queen demanded a blood sacrifice of poor Edward, Aslan made a bargain with her and took the boys place instead. He sacrificed himself. This is the very reason Jesus came, it was to take our place and take our punishment that was demanded by the Heavenly Father. The night of the bargain came and Susan and Lucy followed Aslan into the woods, he said he would enjoy their company. They walked for a ways in silence then said their goodbyes. This is a short representation of Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane, before he was crucified. Aslan willingly went to his death, was beaten, mocked, and then killed by the white witch. This of course, is the Crucifixion.
Aslan was resurrected, and the stone table on which he was slain cracked in half. In the Bible there was a vail within the synagogue that only certain people could go , mainly the "Righteous", and all others had to stay outside the vail. When Jesus died, this vail was torn in two, meaning He had bridged that gap and now through Him all are able to commune with God. These depictions are not coincidences, they are on purpose. C.S. Lewis is a Christian and he wrote it that way by design. According to a television special I saw on Mr. Lewis, it also is a tribute to his good friend and colleague, J.R.R. Tolkien and his wonderful and timeless epic, 'The Lord of the Rings'.
Well, I think that's all I caught on the first viewing. I'm pretty sure there is much more that flew right over my head. My hair was a little parted down the middle, like the Red Sea, as I left the theater.
Mom, Dad, if your reading, I'll see you guys in person tomorrow.
Love, Jedi_John.