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Vacation Over:(
The last day of vacation today. It was a very nice time spent at home. Did house work pretty much the whole time. At least we are settled now for the winter months to come. I will take today to loaf around and do much of nothing. Mary works today so I will be bringing her lunch since she cannot leave the store, being the only manager there on Sundays. I might look for a good book again. I tried to find one yesterday while we were out but didn't find one. I'm in the mood for something sci-fi. I think the last novel I read in that genre was EON by Greg Bear. It was a good read. I may just find another one by him since none of the other titles stood out. Helix seemed interesting, about a huge ship that's carrying millions of people in hibernation in search of a new home planet, when something explodes on board and it has to make an emergency landing on a winter-like planet. Only a hand full of people set out to find help and meet some of the inhabitants, some good, some bad, etc.
But I got the impression that it might become boring due to, I'm sure, most of the book is just about their journey, on foot. But, I guess, you never know.
Well, I changed my hair again. I couldn't really get used to the bleached look. It was more of a strawberry blonde and not what I had pictured in my head, so I went just a little darker than my natural hair color. I think it looks a better, and when I grow my beard out it won't be such a drastic difference.
I'm off to get a few things done today. Not much mind you.