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(no subject)
So much for not doing anything today. I finished every single bit of laundry. The only clothes that are not washed are the ones Mary and I are wearing. I cleaned out and organized the linen cabinet. I cleaned out and organized the refrigerator and the pantry. Took all the garbage out. Vacuumed and cleaned the house. And did the dishes. Whew! Everything is now done and all I have to do is make supper for Mary when she gets home. We will be eating late since I couldn't bring Mary lunch due to the car. I offered to cook tonight because she is stuck at work with no good food and she will have to eat some junk food that they sell there to get by. We are having Chicken Continental, a recipe from my mom. It's one of our favorites. It will be part of my anniversary gift to her. I also was unable to get a card for her since I can't go anywhere. I'll have to print one out on the computer.
Good evening all.