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On my week off I had hooked up my old record player and sat and listened to old albums that had years of dust on them. My first soundtrack I ever bought, Jerry Goldsmith's composition for the movie ALIEN, was among them. If you wanted to buy that soundtrack today it will cost you 80-100 dollars! That's on CD though. Mine is the old vinyl, not sure the value on that.
The reason it's so expensive is what makes a lot of things pricey, it's rare. It was put out of production years ago. I also was reacquainted with a Christian metal band called, SAINT.
I still think, after all these years, that they are a great band. Josh Kramer, lead singer, sounds much like Rob Halford of Judas Priest. One night I listened to the two albums I have of SAINT until my ears were ringing. I also got curious as to what ever became of them, so I searched the web and to my amazement they had put out a new disc last year and are working on another one. Last years is called, The Mark and the newest, which is still in production, is called, Crime Scene: Earth. They had some sample songs and I couldn't believe my ears. Josh's voice is still strong as ever and he is hitting higher notes then he did when he was twenty years younger! That was astounding. I will definitely have to track down the newer stuff. Josh has a web site where one can purchase it for only twelve dollars. He also was a guest vocalist for a "Templar" project. I got the two sample, full length songs called Skyspider and Warlord. Pretty good stuff musically. Vocally it's Josh alright gravel and raspy.
Josh took many years off and recharged his batteries at a Bob Beeman church. It sounded as though he was actually living at the church for a least a year.
I also found a new Christian band called Voice of Glass. They look and sound just like Lacuna Coil. The lead singer looks strikingly similar to the woman in Lacuna Coil.
I might have to check them out too. I'm not too sure if iTunes has a huge selection of Christian artist, especially in that genre, which is labeled gothic rock. There are many newer Christian bands that have a My Space page, where you can listen to their music and watch a vid or two.
Rock on Family.

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Christian Metal

Saint is a great band! And they are definately still rocking.

If you like to find out more great Christian Metal bands you can find plenty of them, as well as links, reviews and much more at The Metal For Jesus Page on http://www.metalforjesus.org

Feel free to check it out if you like


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