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Today Mary and I stayed in all day. We slept in and Mary made waffles, eggs and bacon for breakfast. Then we straightened up the house took our showers and brought up the Christmas decor. We had Christmas music playing and we started to set up and decorate the tree when Mary blurts out, "John, this is perfect!" At first I didn't know what she was talking about but then I saw what she was referring to. We were getting our first snow fall! It was perfect. Huge flakes coming down outside, warm house, Christmas music on, and trimming the tree. It was great fun. Later I made Confetti Spaghetti and garlic toast. It was a very relaxing day indeed. Mary was scheduled to work today but her boss had mentioned earlier in the week that she could have it off if she wanted to, so she called him at home last night to ask and he was okay with it. I'm glad.
Saturday we went shopping and got all of our Thanksgiving supplies. All I need is the turkey wings and honey.
Our menu is as follows:
-Maple roasted turkey with sage butter.
-Roasted turkey gravy. (gravy is made separately, thus the wings are need for the stock).
-Velvety mashed potatoes.
-Sauteed green beans with bacon.
-Orange cranberry sauce.
-Whipped sweet potatoes and bananas with honey.
-Pumpkin pie cheese cake. (store bought).
-Peanut butter marshmallow bars.
Once again I will be doing Thanksgiving. The busiest day will be that Wednesday night. That is when I put the sage butter under the skin of the turkey, cover it with thick cut bacon, then when cooking, it is basted with pure maple syrup.
I will be making the stock for the gravy with the turkey wings and fresh herbs. I love the taste of this trio: Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme.
After the stock is made you simply stick it in the fridge and when you want to make the gravy, all you do is make a roux with flour and butter and whisk in the stock. It is the best gravy I have EVER tasted! Nothing else comes close.
I can make the orange cranberry sauce the night before too, since it is served cold.
All the other stuff is done the day of. It all went great last year. I'm sure this year will too.
Other tidbits are: Mary and I have been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. They were half off so, we bought the series. Seven years worth! Anyway the show is very well written and even better acted. The show ran from 1997-2004. It's been off the air for awhile, and I have not seen it in syndicate. The cool thing is that we just started watching it a few months back, and Mary found an article in a magazine about Sara Mechelle Geller, she plays Buffy, and she stated that the creator of the show Joss Whedon is going to make 3 Buffy major motion pictures. So I thought that was kinda neat. After the show ended I read something about that Sara and other cast members did not have any interest in playing the rolls that made them famous again. Time must have changed their minds, or most likely money.
It looks like I will have a four day weekend on Christmas. They decided to close the clinics on Christmas Eve. With my job, it's pretty much just all clinic stuff, so that will be good to have that time off. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I say that now because I don't know if I will post this coming week.
Love you.

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Wow, that does sound perfect. I'm jealous, we just have rain here. Lots of rain. Not cold enough for snow yet I guess...

Never seen Buffy. Seems an interesting series though.

I want to fly home for Thanksgiving. Give food! :P

We would love to give you some food and wishing you could have been here with us this thanksgiving. Seems like forever since we have spent the actual holiday together. I guess we are going to have to fix you a christmas dinner when you get home this year. Let me know if you want turkey or ham.

Lots of Love

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