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(no subject)
Thanksgiving is almost over. The dinner turned out well, however, the gravy, for some reason, was a little watery and had a tendency to separate in the gravy boat but it still had a good flavor, though not as good as last year. I think that I did not cook the roux long enough. The recipe makes quite a bit so our 'gravy boat' was a big glass pitcher. The turkeys turned out great, hard to mess them up anyway. Everyone liked the new dish, the whipped sweet potatoes with honey and bananas. I don't think that I will make the cranberries next time, because no one, even me, takes any at dinner time. I guess I make it because it is a traditional dish for that time of year.
After stuffing our gullets, we retired to the living room to watch Meet the Robinsons. It was okay. Started out good, the middle was weird, then got better by the end. The kids left and Mary and I are just going to relax and leaf through the fliers. I have to be to work early tomorrow. I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. And a belated happy anniversary to my parents. Sorry I missed another special occasion.

And to all a good night.