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Sunday afternoon blahs.
My mom and dad were just here with Amy. She is back from Christmas vacation. As usual, dad took everyone out to eat. We ate at Culvers this time. Not bad when it was only twenty-eight dollars for five of us. We came back here to visit for awhile. I hoped that they would have stayed longer but they had to 'unload' Amy's stuff and get her situated back in her dorm, then drive two and a half hours back to Fergus Falls. While they were here I showed them a quick tour of the Live Journal site and how to post a comment if they wanted.
I think that they will enjoy the photo gallery the most. My journals end up to be more about lightsabers then anything else, and that's mostly there because of my two sons that might be interested in the progress of my new found hobby.
Speaking of which, after work tomorrow I'm going down to the bank and cash in all my pennies and silver I have collected. It should come up to approximately forty-six dollars. The amount of money that I got back from returns is around eighty-five dollars. While I'm out I'll mail the order form to BlastTech, then upon returning home I will place a call to Parks Sabers and order my chrome 'shroud'. I decided to go with everything as authentic as possible instead of trying to fabricate things myself. I couldn't manufacture something to exact specifications anyway. So, I can safely say that my Anakin Saber will be nearly an exact replica. I say, 'nearly' because even though I'm using a real flashgun handle, I don't think it's the correct name brand. However, it is close enough to the original for my satisfaction.
My book 'Monster' by author Frank Peretti is good. I just started it. The point I'm at now is the man and wife couple are at a log cabin resort where a man is telling them stories of 'Bigfoot'. It's hard to know where Frank is going to go with that. There is a short letter at the beginning from the publisher, saying that just as you think you've got it figured out it goes in a different direction. They also stated that they went to great lengths to keep the ending a secret. This is Frank's first major novel in six years. It took him two years to write. He has worked of other books, such as The Veritas Project, where we follow a family that investigates paranormal activity for the government. Those books however are for teens and young adults, this new one is more on the lines of his other major novels, meaning more serious and in depth. My favorite is 'The Oath'. Not only my favorite in the Christian realm, but that book rivals those of Stephen King, or Clive Barker. Of course Stephen is more like bubble gum and Clive is more like a jalapeno pepper and Frank is a blend of both.
Well, I don't mean to bore you with details. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mark and Janine are house hunting and I wish them the best. I hope you post your adventures soon.

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The Oath was a good book. I've enjoyed Peretti's work in the past! Haven't read anything he's done recently, though.

You should post pictures of the saber! I guess you will when you have the kit and start putting it all together. Make sure to take pictures of the process so we can see how it went together. :)

Yeah, I'll post house adventures soon, keep an eye out!

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