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Happy New Year family! I spent last night on the couch whilst Mary took care of me. I 'am not feeling the best. The only symptom I have is that like a fever, though I haven't taken my temp, I don't think I have a fever, it's just the aches and chills and the way your clothes feel like 220 grit sandpaper. If I take four Ibuprofen I feel much better. This morning I slept in until ten o'clock. At first rising, I thought I'd be really under the weather. But after taking Ibuprofen again I bounced back and have been doing some house work and fiddled around in my office. I put some casters on the laminated board my Gate Way computer is on and put back my sliding under counter space for my laptop, which I 'am currently on for this entry. My sister Kari is now viewing my journal, it's nice to know that she is keeping in touch that way.
I thought about doing what Ryan did this year for Christmas for Christmas '08. That is building my own computer. But of course I don't want a new one that is just like the one I already have, so to get a 'beefier' computer I will have to spend more then I care to. I think that I will hold off on it. The newer games such as Bioshock run at full capacity, meaning that all the special effects settings are on high, and it runs fast, no lag time or 'slide show'. My Gate Way has two PCI express slots, one is 16X and the other is 1X. I can't seem to find if my motherboard is SLI ready or not. It doesn't indicate it on the specs. My current video card is SLI ready and if my motherboard is I can buy one more card like it and I would really have no need for a newer computer.
I thought to save money, if I had to upgrade, I could 'gut' my Gate Way and put in a new motherboard and CPU, then add my second video card, and presto, something that can run Crysis at full speed. Right now, even with my newer computer, Crysis can only run with all settings on low. That was one of the draw backs on Xplay on G4 TV. They said it would take a really big 'rig' to run Crysis and your still just getting a mediocre FPS.
Oh well technology leaps forward every six months, 'they' say. Who's 'they' you ask?
Everyone but us.
Love you all.
Couch time.