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Yesterday, I was making some play lists in my media player and I wanted to add a CD to the library. I put the disc in and clicked on the 'rip' button, and my media player said, 'you need a cd-rom drive to rip music'. I then placed my Bioshock game in and clicked on the icon to run it, and it said that the drive was not found. What!? I looked under the computer icon and noticed that my CD-DVD ROM drive was no longer showing. I checked the device manager to update the driver and it says that I have the best driver for that device already installed. But, when I click on the driver tab in the properties it says that the driver cannot be launched because it may be corrupt. I wish there was a button to 're-install driver' instead of just update only. So, I had to do a system restore point back to Dec. 28th and that took care of it. I surmise that I somehow corrupted it myself, because as I posted awhile back, ever since I installed my new video card I can no longer play DVD's. It says that there is a problem with the copy protection on the DVD between my DVD Rom drive and the video card. It suggests that I update my video driver. But I have the most recent driver from nVidia installed, I can't do much else there. I believe what happened was that recently, I downloaded a bunch of free dvd players and all of them didn't work. I even tried ones that cost money but let you try it out for 30 days and even they had trouble. So I did a bunch of installing and un-installing of those programs and it may have corrupted the driver in the process. I think that I will have to wait until nVidia corrects these things in the future. I did go to nVidia's website and filled out a form where I gave all my specs of devices and software and I stated the exact problem and quoted verbatim the advice that the media player gave me. I stated that ever since the video card was installed I cannot play back DVD's. I did that quite awhile ago and have not seen it addressed on their website or have not received any email regarding the problem. It must be a very rare glitch. I'm sure they are working on more pressing issues with their cards ability to run at it's full potential on Vista. It isn't that important I watch dvd's on my computer, it's just that I should be able to. I think that everything should work the way it is supposed to, but alas they do not.
I wish my brain had a system restore point.