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Busy weekend! But, I did it to myself. Mary and I want to get into weight training and exercising, again. We started last summer in May and through the following months dwindled down to nothing. One problem I didn't foresee was increasing the weights, as you get stronger, by five pounds. Well, on the home gym unit we bought, the pulley system doubles the weight. This means that each sand-filled "brick", which weighs twelve-point-five pounds is doubled and I can't increase the weight incrementally by five pounds to keep the resistance up. So, on the old machine adding just one more brick is really adding twenty-five pounds. One exercise I was doing was the triceps push downs. The weight I was using was becoming too easy, resulting in me having to quit that exercise because I could only go up by twenty-five pounds, which of course, was way too much weight to continue. Well time pasted, the Holidays came and went and the New Year shot by. So, now, we decided to get back into training mode. But I told Mary of the problem I was having and we went and bought a whole new system. This one is all free weights and has a pulley system in the middle, that doesn't double the weight, so I can do the triceps push downs, Lat pull downs and seated cable rows. It is an Olympic size bench and rack system, from Apex, that comes with a 300 pound Olympic weight set. Just the Olympic bar, with no weights on it, weighs 45 pounds! We also bought a new Nordictrak treadmill that is so quiet and smooth it's like walking on air, plus it has all the bells and whistles.
Now to my busy weekend. I got the grand idea that if we are going to have all this professional quality equipment, maybe we should brighten up the basement so we have a nice place to workout. I thought we could make it into a gym-like environment. So, here's the plan.

I started by cleaning up the ceiling, prying out unwanted nails and such, then vacuumed to whole thing. Since we cannot put a true ceiling down there, because of all the pipes, I thought we could paint the rafters, like they do in some restaurants, air ducts, electrical wires, and all are spray painted. I had to buy a new Wagner sprayer. The one I had for two years ended up not working at all. I got a good one this time in case we decide to paint the house soon, it will come in handy then. So, today I spray painted the entire ceiling flat white.
Throughout this coming week I will be putting in six recessed lighting units to also brighten up the room. This coming weekend, I will be starting on the walls. Water proofing the outer walls and then painting all the walls a very light silvery blue called Ice Cap.
The following weeks will be spent preparing the floor for the indoor/outdoor carpet. We are going with a burgundy/wine color. So, with the ceiling white, the walls a very light blue and the carpet, it should be a very cool gym indeed. I will post pictures of my progress soon.
I took some pictures before I started and I'm going to take some today now that the ceiling is done.
I'm also working on a Logo for our gym. I was thinking calling it: J&M's GYM. I'll design a logo and paint it on one of the walls in the gym. So far it is a fun project.
Love you guys.