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J&M's Progress Report, Revised

I accomplished my tasks for this evening. I went around and did some touch up on the rafters. Some spots the sprayer missed, or rather I did, but we'll blame the sprayer.
I nailed up all the recessed lighting in the locations that I felt were beneficial to the functionality of the room, a.k.a J&M's GYM. This means that not all the lights are centered and measured to an exact distance from one another. The reason is that you don't want to be laying on the bench and have a light glaring directly in your face. They are spaced out as such to also accommodate some rearranging if need be in the future. I will wire them sometime during the weekdays, as long as it is done by the weekend where we will turn our attention to the water proofing and painting of the walls. The areas that you see in the pictures where the insulation is, I 'am going to purchase a new roll that has a paper backing and cover up all the old, dirty pink insulation and have the paper side facing out for a cleaner look.
As the summer comes, I will be trimming out the rest of the room for a finished look. I know, I think I hear laughter. I have so much other trim work throughout the house I haven't done yet. But I mean it this time. It's going to look cool.
My name is Hans, and I'm hear to: PUMP, YOU UP!
Good night.