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More waiting.
Today I was an hour late for work. Thought I was to be there at seven, or so, and it ended up that I should have been there at six. Oh well, I'll make up the hour later in the week. I left there at the appointed time and scurried home to call Parks Sabers. I ordered the chrome 'emitter' for forty dollars. I specified that I would like it to have a D-ring assembly on it. He told they don't come with one, but that he himself can bore a hole in it and add a D-ring for me at no extra charge. They will ship out in three to four weeks, a shorter time of course then my USK, since it's just one piece and he keeps them in stock. I also sent off my order to BlastTech for the other parts and they usually have everything on hand. I expect a shipping time of three to four weeks as well. So, in about one months time I should have all I need to complete my very first replica.
I will be posting pictures of this saber around that time. I think it will be more fun to view it in it's entirety then one pic here, then one pic there, etc. So, here I 'am on another waiting game. I e-mailed Parks Sabers to ask if my USK will be late, since they are waiting on the kobold flash parts they ordered. Their response was lame. They said the kit will ship out on time unless the parts come in late. Wow! Really! It's funny how I have to contact them to order, then they turn around and place the same order to the company that actually makes them. Why can't I just contact those people myself and cut out the middle man. I suppose they would be out of a job then.
I had forty-seven dollars in pennies when I cashed them in at the bank. Nice bit of pocket change. Plus I lost like, five pounds.
Okay something different. Ryan has an interview with Swift Trucking. They are paying for his hotel to come down for the interview. He is really excited about it. I wish him the best of luck. Mary started school today, so that means I won't be seeing much of her around the house. Not that I'm complaining mind you. Mark is heading up a new ops team at work, named Comet. I'm not sure of what I can say in the public realm about the projects he works on for Livejournal.com. I don't want to breach any confidential material, so I'll say that I 'am very proud of him and his accomplishments, which I have no doubt will be numerous. "The Force is strong with this one."
P.S. Our server is acting up again. Hope this made it.

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parksaber's e-mail adress

does any one know the parksabers e-mail address

Re: parksaber's e-mail adress

Parks Sabers is a goofy set up. Mr. Parks himself is located in Florida, the shipping and production is out of Texas, and he has a vendor in China he has to order parts from. If you are thinking of ordering a completed product from Parks Sabers be prepared to wait a looooong time before you get what you paid for. I purchased his Ultimate Saber Kit on November 20th 2005, which he has had my money for over three months now and to this day I do not have my product. Good luck to you if you order anything from Parks Sabers.
His email address is his marketing company he uses to market his products.
So, to answer your question, finally, the email address is:
contact@buystarwarsstuff.com. You will not be dealing with Jeff Parks through email it is some guy named Randy Sarske. If you what to speak with Parks himself, you will need to call the telephone number on his website.
Hope that helps.
May the Force be with you.

Re: parksaber's e-mail adress

Actually, you are off a bit on the details.

Parks Sabers is base out of Forney, Texas a suburb of Dallas. BuyStarWarsStuff.com is a distributor of Parks Sabers based in Florida.

Jeff makes most of the parts of each saber by hand or by manufacturers here in the states, with another manufacturer for certain pieces of specific sabers in China.

Yes, because of the way that he has set up his manufacturing process as well as many other factors your typical wait time will be between 2 - 4 months on average.

Jeff's direct e-mail address is jeffparks8@hotmail.com.

Re: parksaber's e-mail adress

Yeah, a bit foggy on all the strings and where they are attached. Sorry for any misinformation. It seems you have found out all the info you were looking for. I myself 'am still waiting for my Ultimate Saber Kit, which is nearing six months now. But Jeff is a very nice person. I have talked with him numerous times during my wait and ordering other parts and he has always been professional. My kit is well over due because he is having trouble getting the parts he needs that come out of China. Thanks for your correspondence, whoever you are.

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