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After work today I headed out to Menards to get wire nuts for the electrical work, I had none left at the house. I wired all six units together and tied them into the housing unit where I took the light bulb and socket out and discarded them. Now I was looking at a bunch of wires but with one surprise, a big red wire. It was connected to the light socket along with a white one. I remembered my dad teaching me about putting an existing light bulb on a switch; where that is the only instance that you can use the neutral wire as the hot wire. But, in this housing unit there was a white wire and a red wire attached to the socket, so I surmised that red was hot and white was still neutral. I wired accordingly by coupling the white with the white and the black wire to the red. I flipped the circuit breaker back on and the lights at the back of the basement came on just fine. That was a good sign. I went and turned the basement light switch on and BLAM! No, not an explosion of sparks and flame, but rather a flood of light of which that basement has never seen. I couldn't believe how bright it was down there, I had to go get Mary and show her. So, I guess I did the wiring correctly. I also installed our new smoke alarm after I was finished with the lights. Hope that didn't jinx anything I did tonight. I'll post pictures of the lights tomorrow. I thought it was funny, because I didn't need to use my flash down there.
Mary is in bed now, I'm out on the recliner with my laptop. She works another twelve hour shift tomorrow. Today was her first one. It went fast to her, she said. That's good. Being a courier at this time of year isn't very pleasant. I had to endure might cold wind chills today.
Well, I'm going to snuggle up with a blanket and a good book, Showdown by Ted Dekker.
Good night all.