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Today is day one of my five day vacation. I spent most of the day just messing around with the shelving units and how I was going to configure my music station. I got the idea that I should mount the left and right speakers up on the ceiling, as in what a real gym might have.
The brackets for the shelves are screwed right into the studs with 2" screws, so I 'am assured that no matter what I put on there it will hold. The top two brackets have a white decorative cap and the bottom one has a black cap for contrast. I then turned to the floor. I repaired all the holes and cracks with floor leveler. I smoothed it out so nice I may not even have to sand it tomorrow.
I decided not to go with the maroon carpet. It just wasn't a good compliment with the light steely-blue wall color. We went to Menards today and picked up the new carpet. It has four different colors in it. There is a medium blue and light blue fibers, and medium gray and light gray fibers woven in rather haphazardly. It matches the walls so much better, plus it will be brighter than if we went with the maroon.
Laying the carpet will be tomorrow afternoon's project. I have some more touch-up painting to do and I'd rather do that with no carpet on the floor, obviously. I have a plethora of utility knife blades at the ready. It's amazing how quickly they dull when cutting carpet. Here are a few pictures of what transpired today.

I'm painting the plastic drainage pipe white. I wish that I just would have done that when I was spraying the ceiling, but I was afraid of getting the paint sprayed on the heating pipe just behind it and the window at the time. I will put the last coats on those tomorrow and any other touch-ups, then put the carpet in.
Big day tomorrow! I'm going to go lounge.
Good night all.