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Gym Update.
Today was a busy day, as I suspected it would be. It only cost me twenty dollars and seventy-two cents for the one roll of insulation and four packs of the foam pipe wraps. So I cut and installed those. I noticed that the insulation had the letters JM on them, I thought that was fitting. Then for the large furnace pipes that were insulated anyway with old crumbling tape, I re-taped them with some black duct tape.
I started to sand the floor, but noticed that in just a few seconds, the air was full of fine white dust so I decided to scrape it instead. Next came installing the carpet. That went very well. After that I put the rubber mats down along the storeroom wall. This was done for a two-fold reason. One, the carpet roll is only twelve feet wide and didn't reach to the wall and two, it will serve as a place to store extra weights and bars. All and all I had a fun time today doing all that and thankful that I didn't run into any problems. Here are a series of pictures of what I did today. I'm going to relax and go to bed early.

Then after all that, I collapsed.