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J&M's GYM additions.
Well, it's my last day of vacation today, already! It went really fast due to all the work I've put in on our home gym. Mary is doing her last overnight shift tonight for her orientation. It's strange to got to bed without her, only to say goodnight to her when I get up in the morning, as she goes to bed. It's good that she didn't take the overnights in the beginning. I can't do much around the house when someone needs to sleep during the day. We are both thankful that a day shift opened up for her. As she slept today all I did was add the water bottle holders and hung the mirror, which really opens up the room, even though it is an illusion. Here are the latest pictures of the gym.
Okay, LJ doesn't want to load my pictures tonight. I'll have to upload them at a later date, sorry.

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Aw darn, need pictures! Plz to be sharing, kthx. :D

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