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Spring is leaking it's way in!
Ahhh, spring.
How I loathe thee.
Thy melting permafrost doth muck my shoe,
and lo, tracketh into my house a muddy goo.
Thou hast seen fit to soften my gravel driveway,
thus entrenching my truck so I cannot start my day.
Thy thawing aroma stifles my nose,
a bit of rotting leaves I suppose.
Thou art a skillful artist, with zip and with zap,
by what you can do with our dog's crap.
Thou hast soaked, again, our bedroom ceiling,
leaving my wife and I reeling.
Thou doth drip, thou doth drop,
Thou createst a plethora of slop.
Thou smeareth thy presence on my pants,
Thou leaveth my drenched attire no chance.
My daily grind is even in more of a rush,
as thou heapeth on me thy tainted slush.

Happy Spring everyone.