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(no subject)
I was just perusing earlier entries and read about the door I painted that didn't shut right after reinstalling it. It actually fixed itself. I think that what happened was, when I painted it, it warped, then as it dried completely, straightened out again. (It is just a hollow door with some cardboard fillers inside). So at least I didn't have to monkey with it.
This coming Monday, I start my weight training! I 'am looking forward to it. I picked out a routine via my Muscle and Fitness Magazine to start off the punishment. I had a physical on March 12th and the results are in; I 'am in perfect health. All the numbers are where they should be, liver, kidneys, etc. My cholesterol is good at 191, this needs to be under 200. My good cholesterol is at 52, which is normal. My bad cholesterol is at 123, this needs to be under 130. My triglycerides are at 81, this needs to be under 150. And I don't have diabetes. So, since I 'am of sound body, it is time to make it sounder?
Our gym is all done and ready for us to use. Mary did a work out today and the treadmill. I've been away from it for far too long now and honestly need to start building some muscle because I don't particularly like seeing one of my shirts on a hanger, then putting it on only to have it looking the same as it did on the hanger. I'll focus more on calves when it comes to leg day. I've always shied away from wearing shorts. It would be nice to not be self conscious of myself anymore. Anyway, that's another topic better left out here.
Happy Day all. I love you.