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Well, Memorial Day weekend is here and summer seems to have finally arrived. We've had very nice and seasonable weather the last couple of days. I got quite a bit done. I mowed the lawn for the first time this season, I ripped off all the gutters on the house, because they do nothing but collect leaves, twigs, and dirt to where it starts to grow things in there. It's like having a giant planter all around the house. They weren't carrying any water anyway either. I cleared out the shed and stock piled the extra weight machines in there and even have room for my other stuff. I patched some cracks in the roof, just temporary of course until I can figure out what to do with it. I cleaned the screened in deck thoroughly, putting new blinds on all the windows and rope lights on the ceiling, also adding an outlet for the lights and our laptops. Straightened the house up and vacuumed everything. So, whew! I'm a tired boy tonight.
For mom and dad, Mark popped the question to Janine. Of course she said yes! So they are now engaged to wed. The wedding will be sometime next year. We'll need to save money now to make it out there. It will be an awesome wedding I'm sure.
I have tomorrow and Tuesday off, so it's like a whole other weekend for me. I have some more things to do. I bought some of the same blinds for the sun porch too. They were on clearance at Lowe's for 4.62 each for a 96 inch blind! Couldn't pass that up. Oh yeah, one of the air conditioners went in today, it was near 80 and the bedroom was getting a bit too warm. It's cooled off now, so I'll probably shut it down for the night. I'd rather have it a little cooler in the room because I find it more comfortable for one, and it's easier to cover up than to lay there with no covers and still find it too warm to sleep.
Oh, and Mom, you'll like this. I was at Youtube.com today because I wanted to see if they had any Leo Buscaglia, and they had several. I spent most of my break times listening to old lectures he has given and truly enjoyed hearing him again. I guess he passed away in 1998, of all things, and this may be a little ironic, from a heart attack. But he had some wonderful observations into relationships and how we love one another. He always hugged everyone who stayed after the lecture.
I'm sitting out in our clean deck on my laptop, but I'm heading in now, the neighbor across the alley is practicing his guitar.
Nighty night all.