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(no subject)
I've been preoccupied with house work lately, repairs, thorough cleaning of things, like the carpet and such. One thing that I must get out of the way first is a very, very belated happy birthday to my dad. I missed another one. I can't really say why, just that for some reason I seem caught up in my own life that very little thought goes elsewhere. Not that things are bothering me, just that the rut of work, come home, eat, watch a show or two, bed by usually nine, read book, lights out at ten or so, can become automatic and much of it is done with no thought whatsoever.
Mary is back in school. Public Speaking and Chemistry.
Raven continues to age. For a dog that was so energetic, it's hard to see him so inactive. He does still seem to find moments of energy and commences to bug us like old times. He has developed a cough now so you can hear him hacking a little throughout the day. Momma Whitney's dog Sandy Lucy had that and it turned out to be cancer. Sammy's good ear is now infected. Both dogs are going to the vet when Mary gets her student loan money. Two dog visits aren't cheap.
I examined Mary's car radio, because it doesn't work, and find nothing out of the ordinary.
Wiring on back of radio-okay.
Inside radio connections-okay.
Internet search shows factory radios for the dodge neon go bad and need to be replaced.
Some need anti-theft code to make the radio work again after messing with the battery, which I did, but found that our neon's computer doesn't need one.
Everything seems to point to -> bad radio.
We will need to put a new store bought one in and wire it up, sometime.
Cloudy and rainy today but temp is nice.
My boss called me into her office last week and wanted to thank me for being such an excellent employee. Her words not mine. That was nice to hear.
Mary likes her job at St. Ann's Guest Home. I thought St. Ann's was still in it's original location, down by the river. I had to pick her up one night and that is where I went. You can guess that there was no Mary there. I called her and asked, "where ARE you?" to which she replied, "Where are YOU?" "Behind St. Ann's," I say. "No your not," she says, "because I'm standing outside and your not here." She tells me that I'm at the wrong place and if I had listened to her directions I would have been there instead of here. So, now I know where St. Ann's Guest Home is, and luckily a may not have to pick her up in the future, but if I do it should go much smoother next time. No comments from the peanut gallery regarding this paragraph.
Saturday today. Mary's weekend to work. I've done the radio thing. Now I think I'll organize a car care kit for the winter months. I bought some tools and various things for battery care since it seems that both the neon and my truck suffer battery problems from time to time.
NOT looking forward to winter. Too soon for that, though I do love autumn.
Please be kind and rewind after reading.


P.S. I just did the spell check and it found no errors. I think that's a first for me.
Yeah, John can spell. Clap if you believe.