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(no subject)
TO: Anyone of Anime expertise.
RE: Ergo Proxy.

I found via SciFi Wire, the complete series, I think it was complete, of Ergo Proxy and it looked pretty good to me after visiting it's site and viewing some trailers. But I'm not quite sure if it's worth the investment for the trailers were very, very short and were still in Japanese. It is a six disc set, about the same length as my Witch Hunter Robin series. Anyway, thought I'd put that out.
In other good times, Mary's coming down with something; head-cold-like-ish.
I'm doing fantastic! Or as I say at work super-fantastic, which of course is much greater then, (>), fantastic. Sometimes I'm fine. Periodically I'm great. Occasionally I'm crappy.
Sporadically I'm coherent. Sparsely belligerent and rarely brilliant. Often silly. Minutely aware and pleasantly at bliss. Pulsating-ly punchy and grossly misunderstood. Unwaveringly neutral and suddenly succinct. Mutually blogging and theoretically certifiable.