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Mark's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Markus Programmanicus (that would be your genus and species)

Twenty-six years old!
You are officially past the twenty-five year mark which is also designated to how old something has to be in order for it to be considered an antique.
True story.
Good Times, eh?
For me, for some reason, twenty-five was tough. No other age, before or after that, bothered me. I think fifty is going to be my "biggie", because it's another twenty-five years perhaps. I hope I don't get "old timer's" disease, and forget everyone. I do a lot of crossword puzzles and reading, "they" say that helps stave off that kinda thing. Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and I love you, Jerry.
Love.....um....Jonnopithicus Stepdadicus.

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Hey, thank you!

I figure I'm getting old because, when I thought about it, the next presidential election will be happening the week I turn 30. Don't want to think about that yet!

I hope you don't forget everyone either, although that might make for some great practical jokes. :)

Love you too, and thank you!

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