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(no subject)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I guess since battling a kidney stone all last week, eight days total, I 'am very thankful this year for not being in pain. As I told my dad, nothing like excruciating pain to make you appreciate everything! Anyway, just got done with the last of all my prep work for our little Thanksgiving Mary and I are going to have on Saturday. I make that stock for the gravy, that takes two hours. I cooked all the ingredients for the stuffing but kept them separate so the bread cubes don't get too soggy. Made the roasted garlic paste for the mashed potatoes. Made the orange cranberry sauce. Made the garlic and herb marinade for the turkey and slathered it all under and over the skin. It will sit and marinade now 'til Saturday, so that should taste great. Tomorrow, after work, I'll make the peanut butter fudge, and actually peel and quarter up the potatoes and soak them in water over night. This, I guess, leeches out more starch and makes for a smoother mashed potatoes. So, come Saturday, all I have to do is pull everything out of the fridge, do a bit of tweaking, and toss them in the oven and presto, Thanksgiving. Afterward, Mary and I will relax and fight the urge to nap and start to decorate the house for Christmas! Well, I'm tired. Just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a great day!
Love you.
John the turkey slayer.