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Well, I know I've been truly awful at posting lately. Sometimes life can get really mundane when your stuck in a rut. I haven't done any projects around the house, that will come after Mark's wedding. I'm planning on cashing in some PTO for that. Winter usually means some fun stuff, as in my Stargate Atlantis hobby. I had to do a lot of sewing on my tactical vest. I had to sew a clip assembly on both the shoulders and a "patch" over the Black Hawk name in the front. I also sewed a sling assembly for the P-90 machine guns, and of course, sewed the patches complete with Velcro on the BDU (battle dress uniform) shirt. I have collected all the main weapons and tactical stuff that they use on the show and the cool thing is, to me, is that all the items are real. The vest is a Black Hawk tactical vest that military and law enforcement use, the knife is a real military navy dive knife, the guns are BB guns but they look and feel like the real thing. On Halloween I wore the whole uniform minus the weapons of course. I went to the gas station and two cops were sure eying me. I think the realism of the costume threw them off.
I've really been enjoying my iTunes and iPod. Mary bought me an FM transmitter for the iPod so now I can listen to my music in the work van. I also have a few TV episodes I bought, can't complain when there just 1.99 each. The only thing that I don't like about iTunes is that if I rip in a CD and they don't sell it, I don't get any album artwork, which is strange because they give me all the song titles. I'm a stickler on having all the info there. I don't like having an album that has no picture for it especially when I like to use the album artwork to flip through my library. So what I did was to check iTunes store first and if they carry the same album then I knew I'd get the artwork for it. It's kinda minor but.....
I had to take Sammy to the Vet on Saturday because he was in pain. It turned out that he has bad arthritis in his joints, especially the neck. So he may have to be on pain meds the rest of his life. Poor guy:( Raven is still a box of nails. I think he'll outlive me.
Well, I know that wasn't much but have a great rest of the day and next week.


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Hey, post a picture of your SG-A outfit! I want to see it. :)</tt.

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