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Hello to my new family! My name is Jack. My new mommy and daddy rescued me from the Humane Society, and boy 'am I thankful. I was brought to my new home on Wednesday February 18th. I had a couple accidents but I haven't had any since. My new big brother is very old, so I know enough not to bug him too much. I kiss him almost every day. I have my own room that I sleep in at night and I'm in there when mommy and daddy go to work. I love my new room. I don't bark, whine, or scratch at the door. It is in the living room and throughout the days, when mommy and daddy are home, the door is left open and I go in there sometimes and find treats in my new room! I think it's magic! Here's a picture of my awesome room!

Daddy has even given me a middle name too! It is O'Neil. I guess it is for Jack O'Neil on Stargate SG-1.
I 'am a handsome boy. And I must be popular too because my picture was on the front cover of the Grand Forks Herald TV Guide! Here is the picture. Can you find me?

That was for Valentines Day. And I was adopted shortly after. My new mommy and daddy are very proud of me because I have settled in to my new surroundings very quickly. I obey and listen, and I give lots of love, which, I guess they need right now. I 'am happy to be here and it shows. My past is kinda shady. I may have been mistreated before, I can't quite remember, but I'm scared of sudden movements and loud noises. I was a stray and not sure how I ended up at the Humane Society, I think someone found me and dropped me off, but all that matters right now is that I have a new mommy and daddy that love me, a new brother, a new room, and a place that I can call HOME. Oh yeah, this is my new shirt!

I may look like a tough guy in it, but I'm very loving and kindhearted. I just wanted to say hello and look forward to meeting everyone. Thanks for having me.

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Awww, hi Jack! Welcome home! :D

You look like a chihuahua/pug mix (or some other little dog with pug!)...very cute!

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