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Today was my uncle Dave's funeral. It was beautiful and there were lots of people there, that was great to see. I saw relatives that I haven't seen in years, that was great too. It was quite a sad day, of course, but like my dad said, we know where he is and we morn, but not like those who have no hope. I was a Pall Bearer along with five other nephews of Dave's.
It was my solemn honor to do that for the family. It was wonderful to see my sister Becky, with her husband Scott and daughter Christina. We really wanted the folks to come over, but the house was in slight disarray and the walks hadn't been snow blown, because my snow blower is trapped inside my shed due to ice. And Jack was just neutered yesterday and he can't have too much excitement right now. I don't see how we can stop him from all the activities he does for two whole weeks, but I think he'll fair nicely. The stitches and incision look really good. He seems to not be in any discomfort at all, so we may not even give him the pain pills. After we said our goodbyes and got home we talked about Dave and Mickey (his wife) and that we really want to start to go to church again. It has been too many years of a weekend being just a weekend. Mary and I bought new dress clothes, mainly for Mark and Janine's upcoming wedding in May, in case there is a function (like the rehearsal and dinner) that we will need to dress up. I had no suit at all. And I'm glad I got one when I did because it came in handy for the funeral. I would have been the only Pall Bearer with no suit. That would have been embarrassing. Mary got a beautiful pant suit, that yours truly picked out. She looks so gorgeous in it. I remember when she tried it on and stepped out of the dressing room at JC Penny's, my heart actually skipped a beat. Anyway, it was nice to dress up and go to church, only I wish it wasn't because of a funeral. Next weekend Mary and I are going to Fargo to the Men's Warehouse so I can get fitted for my Tux. Bond, James Bond.
While there we will hit the West Acre's Mall and find Mary a dress for the wedding.
We have yet to book our flight. The prices seem to fluctuate a lot. We are trying to time it just right so we get a good deal. Well, take care everyone. I'll post later.
Love you all,