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(no subject)
I think that I finally finished my office and our walk-in closet! I moved my office downstairs because the old office was too small. All my collectibles and such were overwhelming the room. Now I have twice as much space and it is really nice. I actually can walk around in there. The old office then, became our new walk-in closet. We chose an expandable/adjustable closet organizer system from Rubbermaid. It is great to have a walk-in closet. Plus, since it was a very small bedroom, it has heat and a small closet of it's own. So, even our walk-in closet has a closet, which we are using for seasonal storage. Moving all our clothes to the new closet opened up the laundry room quite a bit, because that is where we were keeping all our clothes, except for the clothes we have in our dressers in the bedroom. I was hoping that we could put the dressers in the new closet, but there just isn't enough room, however the hamper was put in there and we got rid of the hooks to hold clothes that we were going to wear again. Even in just doing that, it opened up the bedroom more than I thought.
Mary and I may even put up a fence for Jack so he can run all he wants!! That boy is soooooo cute. I've been very busy with this switching of rooms. I now don't feel that great and haven't for about six days. It is rather a strange feeling this "head cold". It doesn't behave like the others I've experienced. This one comes with the usual "head cold" attributes but also includes a persistent cough and a bit of dizziness, and something else I can't quite explain. It's just different.
Mary is enjoying not being in school. She very much enjoyed doing the walk-in closet. She starts back in August so we should take advantage of the summer as much as we can.
I'll post later, for now Goodnight dear family.