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(no subject)
Weekend warrior time again. Well, maybe not warrior more like a novice civilian. I had to rip out the door stops of my office door because after painting that stupid hollow door it wouldn't shut. So off with the door stops and getting the door to shut and reinstalling them. Now I have more nail holes to fill and painting to do. Menards doesn't sell the doors I usually buy, which is a solid foam core door that is heavier and more sound proof. I had no choice but to buy the cheap hollow door. The only door they sell now that has a foam core is an expensive oak four panel door, which is not needed in the basement. I also hate hollow doors because, like the other hollow door I installed, I had to cut and install spacer pieces of wood inside the door around where the door knob is, otherwise the knob didn't work properly. There is just too much monkeying around with a hollow door, I don't even know why they make them to be honest. You can't install a knob without your own engineering, the solid edges are just basically thick cardboard, and if you paint it, it warps. Might as well be made of sponge. I can say without a doubt that that is my last hollow door, like, forever.

Jack continues to be a card, a ham, a sweet loving pal. He is so good that we consider ourselves very fortunate. The neighbors also rescued a dog from the pound and are having quite a time with her. They are trying to break the habit of barking all the time and everything they try doesn't work. Good thing she's a cutie. Ryan's dog Karly was returned to the pound three times before Ryan got her. She is quite a spitfire.

I think the rest of the day will be household duties after my office door. I have laundry and all your other typical chores. Then tonight maybe a little Stargate for humor and fun.
Have a great weekend all.