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The work day was extremely busy today. I was alone in the warehouse for about two hours, and the phone was coming off the wall, people were walking in asking for stuff. I had one lady come in with a list of forms she wanted but all she had were the form numbers no item numbers. So I had to sit down at the computer and look up each form for their item number, then punch in those numbers to Dept. Requisition it out. That took some time. Freight kept coming down the elevator. I think I'll call it the Darth Elevader. So Darth kept puking out freight like the buyers forgot to order stuff all month, orders were printing off the pinter, like it was trying to use up a small forest. Finally the guys got back from their deliveries and sure enough everything ebbed away as if nothing had happened. So, I explained what was going on and they just smiled at me. Don confided that that was one thing that he doesn't like about the warehouse either. If you get caught alone during a rush it's pretty crazy. Oh well, I'm home now and tomorrow I'll be doing Distribution, which is what I have done the most of since my inception into that department.
My counter I have on my laptop, the one counting down the days to my Ultimate Saber Kit, has graciously taken the "1" out of the month column and now reads: 30 days, 21 hours, 42 minutes, and 31, 30, 29....seconds!
It will be approximately three months total since I placed my order. I don't think I've ever had to wait for something that long before. I guess it's good for me though.
Mark, I'm very excited for you and Janine. I remember Mary and I going through the process of getting this house and how excited we were after we got it. We sat in the dinning room, right after signing the papers, eating Arby's on the floor. We looked around and thought, this is ours! It is a feeling we will not soon forget. I'm very happy that you guys found something that held everything that you wanted. The shopping, of course, to me, sounds like a lot of fun. It will be quite a grand day for you two when you move in and set everything up the way you want it. Then to start adding decor and other stuff that makes a house a home.
My the Force of the Force be with you.
Love, Jedi_John.

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It will be this weekend!! We are so excited to get the place. Even if it is only renting and we don't actually own it, it's still rather exciting. I've rented a house before, yeah, but always with friends. Never with Janine. It'll be awesome. :D

And wow, that's about four months to get the order? That's a long, long time. I don't know if I'd have the patience for that kind of thing. Heh.

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