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Weekend ending.
Another weekend has nearly come to a close. Mary and I had a nice weekend starting with Friday. We had my niece over for Sci-Fi Friday and pizza. We ordered so much food that we sent most of it home with Amy. It was a fun time with her, she has such a unique sense of humor, just like her mother. Saturday we cleaned house and ran errands. We picked up Amy too as she had errands to run as well and doesn't have a car. Saturday night was movie night, we watched 'The Fog' remake and 'Flight Plan', both were fairly good. Ryan was over to rest up for his long trip to the cities for the job interview with Swift Trucking. Sunday came and Ryan headed off to his new job prospect and saying goodbye. Mary and I wish him the best of luck and the best that life can offer. Now it's Sunday night already and the work week is just on the horizon. I lucked out, I work this coming weekend but I have Thursday and Friday off so that's my weekend, a few days early.
I started on a new lightsaber. Since I have some left over parts from my antique flashgun, and I had bought some grips and mylar tape from BlastTech awhile back I decided to purchase a chrome plumbing tube and construct a new version. I ended up throwing my other two away, they just weren't up to par. I'll post pictures of this new one soon. All in all it was a fun weekend and a slightly sad one, but Ryan is in good hands and we trust that God will keep a watchful hand over him.