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Sabers draw nigh.
Today is the last day of my misplaced weekend. I work tomorrow and Sunday, but I had Thursday and today off, so it's like a weekend of sorts. Weekends are all storeroom stuff and I don't like storeroom. Thankfully it's just every fourth weekend and the hours are early. If I decide to switch back to a courier position, it most likely won't be until the end of this coming fall, since Doug doesn't want to drive the winters anymore. I had the regional route once before, but only in the summer months. My plan, if I decide to, is to move into the regional route temporarily, until an in town route comes open. Then I'll move back in, even if it is my old job. I don't particularly like the hecticness and stress of this new position, I'm not good at having to multi-task. This is of course the storeroom stuff, warehouse isn't that bad.
On a lighter note: My Ultimate Saber Kit is due to arrive in about two weeks! I'm very excited. I sent one last e-mail to them to ask if they send out a notice when the order ships. There have been times that some packages were left on our front porch in plain view, and I don't want 260 dollars worth sitting out there most of the day while I'm at work. If I had a notice I then could estimate the arrival more efficiently to be there on those days. I await their response. I was viewing more pictures of this very kit I ordered and it makes me even more impatient. The quality is unreal. My chrome emitter has yet to come as well. I 'am anxious to get started on finishing my Anakin saber. I posted some pictures of a saber I finished just yesterday. It looks pretty good for being a plumbing tube.
Ryan is back in town now from his extensive job interview in the cities. Everything seems to be falling into place for him, which is great. He got the job with Swift Trucking, which is the largest in the country, over twenty-three thousand employees + Ryan. He officially starts on Monday, where he will be heading back to meet up with his mentor. May be gone for up to three months. That's a lot of training. We will miss him, yet I'm happy for him that he is going for something that he has thought about for awhile now. He is also allowed to have a pet with him. He wants to get a medium size dog. That would be cute to see. As soon as he gets a lap top and an internet connection, we will be able to keep in touch more often, share pictures, and text message.
Mark, I hope that your commute equation equals out. That sounds like quite a trip just to get to work. I wonder if some of your programming couldn't be done from home, then only go in when you physically need to use something there. Of course, I don't understand all that is involved with what you do, so I'm sure what I just said sounded rudimentary. I still 'am very excited about your new home, even if it does have termite poop. We too drain our clothes washer into a stand pipe, however my mother drained hers into a utility sink because the drain was slow. That way the washer can empty it's volume into the sink, where the water can take it's sweet time to drain. It would be a good idea , also something my mother did, to put a leg from a pair of pantyhose over the draining tube to catch all the lint. You'd be amazed at how much lint comes out of there. If your drain is slow, you don't want more 'stuff' going down the drain and perhaps create a clog.
We love and miss you guys,